Sir Roger Scruton zenei gyűjteményét

Common Sense Society–Hungary (CSS–HU) is pleased and honored to share that Lady Scruton has entrusted us with Sir Roger Scruton zenei gyűjteményét. This invaluable collection of books, musical scores, lectures, and recordings will be housed at the Andrássy Salon, our headquarters in Budapest.

Address: Budapest 1061, Andrássy út 6. Floor 1 Apt 5

What does the Scruton Music Library contain?

  • About 170 books
  • About 50 musical scores
  • 266 classical music recordings on CD 

How can I browse the Scruton Music Library items online?

All books and music scores are available on Book Buddy through this link

Download the BookBuddy App to utilize the advanced search feature in the catalog. 

A catalog of CDs is available through this link.

How can I physically access the Scruton Music Library?

We encourage students, researchers, and scholars to access the Scruton Music Library for learning and research. Items cannot be borrowed, only on-site reading or listening is possible. To visit the Scruton Music Library, please get in touch with us.


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