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Past Events

november 30, 2023

Are Major Chinese Investments Too Risky for Europe?

november 2, 2023

Film Screening: Six Weeks

szeptember 8, 2023

Inauguration of The Sir Roger Scruton Music Library

április 26, 2023

The Indispensible Virtues of the Statesman

március 30, 2023

Is “Diversity” the New Conformity?

február 23, 2023

Tradition Versus Modernism in State Patronage of Architecture

február 22, 2023

The Classical Tradition in Architecture: Once Normative, Now Counter-Cultural

február 17, 2023

Debate: Is the State the Most Competent to Provide Social Safety for Citizens?

február 9, 2023

Reason, Ethics, and Power in the Age of A.I.

január 26, 2023

Jesus in the History of Politics and Philosophy

január 11, 2023

Energy Crisis in Europe: Strategic Thinking in Times of Emergency

december 9, 2022

Harp and Flute: CSS–HU Advent Charity Concert

október 29, 2022

Reconstructing Long Lost Buildings: The Example of the Buda Castle District

október 15, 2022

Hungary: Home of a Conservative Revival?

szeptember 29, 2022

Two Books on Classical and Modernist Architecture

szeptember 16, 2022

Land, Community, and a Sense of Place

január 28, 2022

Common Sense Society Inaugural Gala


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