“They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security."
– Benjamin Franklin
Bronze statue of George Washington by Jean Antoine Houdon and view of Constantino Brumidi's "Apotheosis of Washington" in the US Capitol Rotunda.

These ideas change
lives everywhere.

"Equal justice under law" engraved on the West Pediment above the front entrance of the United States Supreme Court building in Washington, DC.
Why Does Liberty Matter?

Liberty has at its foundation the inherent and equal rights possessed by every individual. These rights are best protected in a system of ordered liberty under the rule of law. As distinguished scholar and Harvard Senior Fellow Niall Ferguson says, liberty relies upon “the sanctity of individual freedom and the security of private property rights, ensured by representative, constitutional government.” All individuals have the sacred freedom to voluntarily use their labor and leisure time in the manner of their choosing, which allows them to freely pursue their interests.

Self-control and the ability to exercise one’s judgment allows people to make meaningful choices for personal and social benefit. Liberty without the capacity for governing oneself quickly gives way to tyranny. Common Sense Society helps future leaders explore the nature of liberty and its relationship to human equality, the rule of law, the market, social institutions, our cultural inheritance, and personal responsibility. This deep understanding of liberty will serve as a lens to understand and approach the circumstances and problems of our present day.

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