Common Sense Society (CSS) promotes individual liberty, the voluntary exchange of ideas, free enterprise, creative innovation, enduring art, and conservation of the natural world through education and public discourse. Donate today and help us create a world where liberty, prosperity, and beauty are common sense.

The Common Sense Society Hungary Foundation (Common Sense Society Alapítvány) is a non-profit legal entity registered in Hungary. Your donation will directly aid the programs and operation of the Hungarian national branch.

VAT number: 18001398-1-41

Would you like to offer a non-monetary contribution? Contact Common Sense Society–Hungary’s Director Ms. Orsolya Domaniczky at to discuss how non-monetary gifts may be helpful.

Common Sense Society as an independent organization does not accept government funding,
maintains its operations and creates opportunities
from individual contributions and sponsorship.

Donate by wire transfer

For gifts totaling more than 40,000 HUF, please consider one of our membership options.

Wire transfer from Hungary

Account holder: Common Sense Society Alapítvány
Account no.: 11701011 – 21457225
Please write “Donation/Adomány” as Reference.

Wire transfer from outside Hungary

Account holder: Common Sense Society Alapítvány
Address: 1015 Budapest, Széna tér 7. V. em. 6
IBAN: HU68117630171703701300000000
Bank: OTP Bank Hungary

Wire transfer in U.S.D.

Bank: OTP Bank Hungary
Account holder: Common Sense Society Alapítvány
Address: 1015 Budapest, Széna tér 7. V. em. 6.
Account no.: 11763017 – 17037013
IBAN: HU68117630171703701300000000


Contact Common Sense Society Hungary’s Director Ms Orsolya Domaniczky at for more information!
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