"Beauty is vanishing from our world because we live as though it did not matter."
– Sir Roger Scruton
"Still life with rotting fruit and nuts on a stone ledge", oil on panel by Dutch Master Abraham Mignon, designed to recall the brevity of life and the urgent need to focus on lasting matters rather than fleeting earthly pleasures.

These ideas change
lives everywhere.

Why Does Beauty Matter?

Encountering natural beauty in the world leaves us with a sense of wonder as we explore the variety and grandeur of the earth’s flora, wildlife, and oceans. We are similarly inspired by the enduring human works of exceptional art, music, and architecture. Such culture ennobles the often tragic human experience and gives meaning or relief to man’s temporal estate. It is in this sense, that Roger Scruton wrote, “through the pursuit of beauty we shape the world as a home.” It is no surprise to find beauty in its various forms at the cornerstone of civilizations across time as it can magnify the truth and goodness that gives ultimate meaning to our lives.

The best of human creativity lifts man’s thoughts and emotions upward and outward, beyond the baser and selfish instincts that seem to characterize so much of human history. Common Sense Society is committed to celebrating enduring art, literature, music, architecture, and the natural world through educational initiatives, curated Members excursions, live events, and more.

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