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Common Sense Society–Hungary to House The Sir Roger Scruton Music Library

September 5, 2023

BUDAPEST—Common Sense Society–Hungary (CSS–HU) is pleased to share that Lady Scruton has entrusted our national branch in Hungary with The Sir Roger Scruton Music Library. This invaluable collection of books, musical scores, lectures, and recordings will be housed at CSS–HU’s Andrássy Salon in Budapest.

“The Scruton family is pleased to donate The Sir Roger Scruton Music Library to Common Sense Society,” said Lady Scruton. “We hope that an open-shelf library will be as valuable today as it was to Roger, that it will be an insight into Roger’s way of working, and that it will bring enjoyment and inspiration to others for whom music is an important part of their lives. We are grateful to Common Sense Society for offering the perfect home for this much used and loved library.”

“CSS is grateful to Lady Scruton for the opportunity to steward and exhibit the great works of music that animated Sir Roger Scruton’s soul,” said CSS president and C.E.O. Marion Smith. “Sir Roger once said that ‘We single out great works of art generally, and great works of music in particular, because they make a difference to our lives.’ We are confident that researchers, educators, and students alike will benefit immensely from this carefully curated library, and we look forward to the many unique encounters that The Scruton Music Library will make possible.”

“Sir Roger Scruton not only had an immense knowledge of music and music theory, he was also a caring teacher who shepherded his readers and students to discern the good from the mediocre, particularly in music,” said CSS–HU director Orsolya Domaniczky. “Common Sense Society is infinitely grateful for the Scruton family’s generous donation and CSS trustee Lady Scruton’s continued support. Classical music and music education have deep roots in Hungarian culture, and we are excited for The Scruton Music Library—housed at CSS–HU’s Andrássy Salon in the vicinity of both the Liszt Academy of Music and Opera House—to serve as a resource for learning, research, and most importantly elevating the enjoyment of music and the arts.”

CSS will organize various programming and research opportunities focused on The Scruton Music Library, as well as potential traveling exhibits to be announced in the coming months.

Learn more about The Sir Roger Scruton Music Library and how you can access it.

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For more information, contact CSS–HU Director, Orsolya Domaniczky at 

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